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​Homebound Ministry

Jesus held the sick, the lonely and the infirm very close to his heart. He healed the sick, visited the lonely and comforted the infirm. We are the hands, feet and voice of Jesus on Earth and it is through us that his ministry to the sick, the lonely and the infirm is continued.

It is not unusual for parishioners to give years of faithful attendance at Mass and their time and talent to our parish and then reach a time in their life when it becomes difficult or impossible for them to attend Mass and other parish activities. Visits to the homebound are a way to offer these faithful parishioners the gift of our time. Visiting them enriches their lives by providing company, conversation and the Holy Eucharist.

Homebound Visits

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are practicing Catholics who volunteer to take the Holy Eucharist and visit with our parishioners who are homebound or in personal care homes on a monthly basis.

Hospital Visits

Fr. Anthony Cortado and Fr. Alvin Aberion are the Catholic Chaplains for Uniontown Hospital and are available to our parishioners for both emergency calls and visits. They can be reached through the hospital operator.

Prayer Blankets

God has used this beautiful ministry to touch the lives of countless people who have received blankets while enduring a difficult time in their life. These prayer blankets will bring relief to the suffering and peace to the fearful. As one uses the blanket, they know they are not alone, that there are those who care about them and are praying for their healing. This beautiful act of sacrifice before the Lord truly transforms this blanket into a prayer blanket whose very threads become interwoven with pleas for healing on behalf of the recipient.

These blankets are taken to Mass and placed on the altar, where they are prayed over and blessed by a priest. Every person who receives a prayer blanket is lifted up in prayer. The prayer blanket is a symbol of a faith-sharing communities’ covering of prayer for the individual who receives it.

A Prayer Blanket can be requested for an adult or child afflicted physically, emotionally or experiencing a difficult time in their life,  by calling the Parish Office at 724-437-4441..