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St. Joseph Cemetery is located off Route 40 in East Hopwood, PA. Burial in our parish cemetery requires the purchase of a grave and the payment of the opening and closing fee. For purchase of a grave, please call the parish office at 724-437-4441 in advance of, or the time of need. 

The opening and closing fee is usually included in the services provided by your funeral director at the time of making arrangements, or as part of your pre-need contract.

Burial Policy

Our parish cemetery policy limits the number of burials in an individual grave to a maximum of two, whether burying bodily or cremains. All caskets must be buried within a vault.​

Grave Lot InformationCost Information
Individual Grave Lots (Parishioners)$700
Individual Grave Lots (Non-Parishioners)$800
Grave Opening and Closing$1,000
Interment of Cremains$450