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St. Joseph Parish 1905-present


  • First Pastor Appointed, Father Boleslaus Pawlowski
  • Rectory Built, 1907
  • First classes at Saint Joseph School, 1907
  • School/Convent Built, 1914
  • Land for Cemetery purchased, 1916


  • Second Pastor appointed, Father John Rokosz
  • Second school/social hall built
  • Church renovations
  • Convent enlarged
  • Land purchased for convent (corner of East Street &S. Mt. Vernon Ave.)
  • First parochial Kindergarten in the area established
  • Church renovations


  • Third Pastor appointed, Father Charles Kobylarz
  • St. Joseph’s Christian Mothers founded
  • St. Joseph’s Christian Mothers founded (1954)
  • Diocese of Greensburg formed (1951)

Assistants Appointed

  • Father Norbert Gaughan (1945-53)
  • Father Gregory Rokosz, first cousin of Fr. John (1953-57)
  • Father Robert Feeney (1957)
  • Father Leonard Knuth (1957-58)
  • Father Joseph Turek (1958-61)
  • Father Anthony Wozniak (1961-62)
  • Father Joseph Jamula (1962-63)
  • Father Karol Sumicrust (1963)


  • Fourth Pastor appointed, Fr. John Kaczmarczyk (called to the Lord, 1984)
  • St. Joseph School closes doors (1970)
  • New Church built (1974)
  • Franciscan Friars assistance


  • Fifth Pastor appointed, Father Joseph Tamilowski (called to the Lord, 1994)
  • Interior of church painted
  • Parking lots reconstructed
  • Handicap-accessible restrooms added
  • Special Eucharistic ministers allowed
  • Happy Helens Social Club Founded
  • Franciscan Friars Assistance


  • Sixth Pastor appointed, Father Alexander L. Pleben
  • Church renovations
  • Parish growth to approximately 700 families
  • Number of parishioner volunteers nearly triples
  • 100th year-long anniversary planned (2005)
  • 100th anniversary Dinner, October 2, 2005


  • Seventh Pastor apointed,     

           Fr. Ronald L. Simboli


On July 1st, 2015 we began a new journey together as Msgr. Michael W. Matusak was named Administrator of our parish with the assistance of Fr. James B. Morley, Parochial Vicar and Fr. James W. Clark, Parish Priest.   With three joyous priests here to administer the sacraments and needs of our parish we strive to bring Christ’s love to our Church as we grow in faith and fellowship every day. 

  • Msgr. Michael W. Matusak is named Administrator
  • Father James B. Morley is named Parochial Vicar
  • Father James W. Clark is appointed as parish priest with parochial responsibilities and Hospital Chaplain for Uniontown Hospital

100 years of Faith Hope and Love

A video presentation celebrating the 100 year anniversary of St. Joseph Parish in Uniontown, PA.